Aura Kingdom Timers

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Pushbullet Notifications using If This Then That

Eidolon Temple Reset

Otherworld SK/Helonia/Hells Dungeons Reset

Dungeon Entrance Count Reduction

Eidolon Icon

Next Guild Hall Eidolon

Eidolon Name Unknown

Eidolon Spawn

Infernal Abyss Reset/Open Time

Infernal Abyss Open/Reset Status

Infernal Abyss Closed

Whirlpool Abyss Reset/Open Time

Whirlpool Abyss Open/Reset Status

Whirlpool Abyss Closed

King Fish Icon

King Fish Spawn

King Fish Until

King Fish Name

King Fish Location

Next PvP Availability

PVP Arena Unknown

World Boss Icon

World Boss Spawn

World Boss Name

World Boss Location

Sky Tower Available

Sky Tower Until

Sky Tower Registration

Sky Tower Open